Calling All Wine (& Food!) Bloggers, Do You Want To Come Taste Ridge With Me?

Greetings all,

This is an open invitation to all who write wine blogs, and/or food blogs (or any other blog, really, providing you can essay me into believing that your presence makes sense! For example, if you happen to write a blog about Be-Bop, and are prone to deploying a veritable bevy of wine metaphors in your jazz posts, you’re in!) …

I wish to invite you to a very special edition of our Wine Blogger Tasting series. This is our second-year for this unique tasting experience, and as with the debut season last year, we’ll be hosting the third of four tastings up at our Lytton Springs facility. As with all of these events, there will be a specific theme associated with the tasting, and again in keeping with last year’s happening, the Lytton Springs edition will be uniquely Lytton-centric.

The tasting will be held on Sunday, September 25, 1pm-3pm, at our Lytton Springs Estate, in Healdsburg.

The guest list is traditionally pretty tight for these tastings, and I always try to make sure there is a good balance between “regulars” and “newbies” at the table, so if you’ve never attended but want to, please let me know at your earliest convenience, and if you’ve attended before and would like to do so again, please do the same, as no seat is guaranteed!

To give a bit of background for those who may not have been aware of this tasting series, and to give you a feel for the sorts of things we do, here is a quick run-down on the history of this event:

March, 2010 — First Edition. The theme? We tasted every wine that Robert Parker had just reviewed for the Wine Advocate, including a 7-vintage vertical of Monte Bello. For a nice wrap-up of the tasting, please click the following to read The Iron Chevsky Wine Blog:

July 2010 — #2. The theme? Strictly Rhone varietal releases from Ridge: Carignane, Petite Sirah, Grenache, etc. Current and library releases both. For a full wrap-up, plus tasting notes, please click here:

September 2010 — #3, The Lytton Edition. The theme? A 10-vintage vertical of Lytton Springs (plus a trio of 375ml Monte Bello from the library!). For a great post on this tasting, please check out; the post in question can be found here:

December 2010 — The Final 2010 Edition. Theme? The Acrostic Anagram Sessions! To see what on earth this means, please click here:

March 2011The first edition of the new year! The theme? A VerticalModelMembershipManifesto! What does this mean? It means I poured verticals of both library and current releases from each of our three membership portfolios. For an insightful (and visually beautiful!) summary of the tasting, please visit Kitchen Confidante here: You can also see my wrap up on our blog here:

June 2011 #2. The theme? Our new library menu; meaning, we poured every vintage of Monte Bello that’s been confirmed as available on our new Library Menu (That’s an 11-vintage Monte Bello vertical!). For my wrap-up, please click here:, and for an excellent wrap-up from NorCalWine, please click here:

And that, in a nutshell, is our Wine Bloggers Tasting. Would you like to attend? Then please let me know asap! You can do so by leaving a comment in response to this post,

or via our Facebook page (

or on Twitter!/ridgevineyards

I look forward to hearing from you, and hopefully, to hosting you!

One additional item to note; if you’re not able to attend in person, we do always have a social media component to the tastings, so if  you wish to participate virtually, just use #RidgeVineyards for Twitter, or post on our Facebook page, and then you can play along from home! Also, with each edition, we usually choose an absentee “guest blogger” to send some samples to, so do please let me know if that’s something you might be interested in!

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12 replies

  1. Would love to join you, Chris! Sorry I haven’t been able to make it before now. Thanks for the invitation!

  2. Looking forward to tasting with you again, Christopher.

  3. I live in Santa Rosa CA these days, I’ll be there in person no problem!

  4. I attended last year, would love to try and make this one as long as you promise me some Rhones. 🙂

  5. Hi Christopher,
    I can’t make it to Healdsburg that day, but am dying to participate.
    Could I be the “guest blogger”?
    That would be RAD.
    – Jeff

  6. Oops–I meant 2006 for tasting the ’87, not 1996!

  7. I would be thrilled to attend. I’ve been blogging for five years from Paris, and getting my hands on a bottle of Ridge has always been a grail quest, after my first, transformative experience with a 1987 Monte Bello in 1996.

    I’ve written more than once about my luck at getting to try some:

    The original discovery of Ridge wines is recounted here:


  8. Hey Christopher–
    As a past attendee and the sole member of The Society of MoonWalk Conspiriscists, I would like to attend if space (inner or outer) is available.


    • Thanks Texicali Ali! I assume you’d be request virtual participation, as it would seem you live in Texas? Please advise, thanks! And thanks for your interest …

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