Is That You In This Picture? -or- Ridge At Outside Lands!

Were you there? Did you find us? Are you there now? Here we are!

SF Wine Lands! The Wine Tent!

Are, or were,
your open hands 
at Outside Lands,
walking a Wine Lands bridge
for a grown-up smidge
of home-grown Ridge?

Check and see, say, “Is that me?”

Now, I’ve got FOUR WORDS for you: Sweet Potato Tater Tots!

That just might actually be EVIL …

Though truth be told, the ABSOLUTE BEST, and certainly most unexpected and unorthodox, wine and food pairing of the day was, for me, a Malaysian Tofu Bun, with our 2008 Lytton Springs. Go figure, eh? It’s good to be in Northern California …

Anyhow, if you’ve been and gone, I hope it was fantastic, and if you’re there today, come to Ridge. We have the rock.

#OutsideLands. #SFWineLands. Use them. They rock too.

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