Zins, Blends, & BBQ, in Pictures! (Zinbo Number One!)

I’ll confess, we had really high hopes for this event. REALLY high hopes. But nothing truly could have prepared us for the total joyousness of the day, the outstanding mojo-ness of the day, the Day In The Vineyard-ness of the day, the pure, sublime grace of the day. What a day!

Thank you to everyone who attended, every staff member who worked, every wine that was poured, every morsel what was eaten; thank you to every bird that flew in the sky, every lizard that scuttled ‘cross the ground, every little breeze that blew, and every ray of sun that shined!

What a day!

Thank you, powers that be, for wine. Thank you too, for BBQ!

Special thank you to RM (you know who you are!) for dreaming it all up. You, sir, have BIG dreams.

It all looked a little bit like this …

Which means I must sing this …

Zinbo Number One!

A little bit of Zinfandel in my life,

A little bit of Lytton Springs by my side.

A little bit of Geyserville is all I need,

A little of Mazzoni is all I see.

A little bit of Texas in the sun,

A little Carolina all night long.

A little Kansas City, that is fine,

A little California makes me your wine!!!!!!!! 

Zinbo Number One!

And for a slideshow of snaps, please dig this …

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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  1. That was a stellar kickoff to the holiday weekend! (And this from a girl who doesn’t even eat meat!) For me, it was all about the wine – and the fine folks at Ridge who threw such a great party for us. Thanks, Christopher, to you and your team! You outdid yourself once again!

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