Wine In The Shower …

Wine In The Shower …

You may have seen an article today of the same name  (“Wine in the Shower — Study Explores New Occasions When Millennials Drink Wine”), which is the latest in a long line of explorations in pursuit of that de rigeur marketing holy grail, The Millenial. The wine industry is no different than any other, it would seem, in that the question of The Millenial is apparently on everyone’s lips in our industry too.

In this particular case, the article is an adeptly focused attempt at highlighting, via fairly extensive polling, some of the behavioral differences that drive wine consumption for this new and fascinating market demographic; namely, an expanded definition of when one should be drinking wine, and a shedding of some of the ritualized artifice that oft surrounds the world of wine. The example that gives the article (and this blog) a title is a quote from one of the pollees, who notes their preference for a wee glass of the grape whilst in for a quick dunk under the rivulets.

So, that said, If I might pat my own back for a moment, I would just like to point out that, in this post, which went live on May 26, 2011, I included video of wine in the shower.

That’s what I did.

Poet Charles Bukowski, drinking wine and giving a reading

And on top of that, in this post, I offered up some of my own preferences for rather more eccentric wine drinking occasions. For example:

At heart, other than my father, I learned to drink wine from The Beats. Wine went with wild poetry readings, and mountain meditation sessions. Wine went with trains, and camping. Wine sometimes went with nothing other than, well, wine. Just wine. And mainly, wine went with people. It was living with people, in a memorable way. Being where you were, and demanding nothing less that an exhilarating devotion to the moment …

From my father (the true architect of my personal house of wine), a professor of literary criticism rooted in an Italian Marxist tradition, I also learned that wine goes with lividly vibrant political arguments between hairy professors wearing plaid sportcoats with leather elbows, or strangely somber yet passionate poetry readings headed up my bespectacled and shambolic graduate students. And I especially learned that wine goes with family. “At table.” One of my favorite phrases of all time.

Whether any of this means I’m onto something as regards The Millenial matter, I can’t of course say. Probably not. But I do occasionally enjoy a crisp but voluptuous, acidity-driven, mineral and yeast-forward white wine in the shower.

I do.

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