Wine Blogger Tasting #2, Our Bloggers Begin To Chime In!

 One of my favorite things about our Wine Blogger Tastings is actually something that comes in the aftermath of every event; the opportunity to read the posts authored by our attendees. It is very much a credit to the devoutness, seriousness, and studiousness of our guests that we often don’t get to do too much talking during the actual tasting, so I always look very forward to these post-event wrap-ups, to get a fuller sense of how everyone felt about the experience.

I am happy to share with you links to three posts that have already gone up (quick work, gang!):

–“Pork Cracklins: Adventures in Cooking.” A first-timer at our Wine Blogger Tasting series, Sheri’s primary focus is on all things culinary, so I was especially pleased at the prospect of her attendance, as I love to see how foodies respond to our wine.  Plus, I LOVE the name of her blog. You can read Sheri’s post here.

–“Wine Maven In Training.” The blog of an East Coast transplant now acclimatizing to the world of Californian viticulture, penned by the winner of our contest theme (you’ll have to read the post to find out!). You can read the post here.

–“NorCal Wine.” A heavyweight contender for being the gold standard of Californian wine blogging, NorCal Wine is an excellent resource and read, so it’s always an honor when Fred attends one of our tastings. You can read his write-up here.

 Enjoy the posts!

And, thank you to our guests! It is a pleasure to read your work, and I thank you for sharing your tales.

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