Asparagus & Wine: Not So Sacrilegious After All!

I know, I know, asparagus & wine, can’ t be done, shouldn’t be done.

But all I’M saying is, if you get the asparagus fresh from your local farmers market, and you wash and trim it, and you roll it around on a plate of olive oil and Salle Alle Erbe, and then you put in on the panini grill, while simultaneously washing, dicing, and pan-frying crimini mushrooms in a hot bath of olive oil, butter, white wine, and chopped garlic (which, when removed, leaves behind a glorious gravy in which to quick fry some diced cherry tomatoes), right next to a burner which is boiling the salted water in which your tricolore Radiatore is cooking, then all I’M saying is, that if at the end of all that you toss it all together, such that you have Tricolore Radiatore tossed with Grilled Asparagus, Butter-Garlic Mushrooms, and Quick-Fried Cherry Tomatoes, well, what I’M saying is, is that if you pair this:

with this:

You won’t actually be doing anything sacrilegious after all, no matter what anybody says. It’ll just be good.

And, to quote Devo …

That’s good.

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  1. Well, that was a bit predictable, pairing a fancy dish with a Ridge wine ,…..
    But, if you MUST fiddle about with asparagus – and as far as I am aware (the fifth amendment will protect you guys), the BEST wine for asparagus is Sauvignion Blanc, which sadly, Ridge does not yet produce. Unless something has happenned when I wasn’t looking!

    Simply steamed, a little butter to serve…… delish!!
    But then, as I have said before, your taste is like your fingerprints and retina, unique to you – and mine to me!

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