Monte Bello Calling …

GREAT article today from Geoff Last (a longtime Calgary wine merchant and writer, and a regular contributor to City Palate magazine and other publications) about Zinfandel entitled “Edgy Zinfandel Rocks On.”

Why do I like this article so much? Because it starts like this, “If I were to cast California Zinfandel as a rock band, I might equate it to a group like the Clash …”


Plus, Mr. Last includes a very fine review of our East Bench offering, and also writes lines like, “In my quarter of a century in the wine business, I have never had a bad wine from Ridge …”

But mainly, I like this article because it mentions us and The Clash together.

 Which makes it a punky kind of day for Ridge! Because this article comes right on the heels of a FANTASTIC tweet that came across the wires today from our good friend Wayne at the very excellent wine blog A Long Pour:

 wkelterer: Fugazi is the @RidgeVineyards of indie rock. Still the coolest thing out there after all these years of inspiring others!

Original Tweet:

Nice! Ridge Vineyards, The Clash, Fugazi, and You.

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  1. I once saw Ian MacKaye with his group The Evans at a tiny club in Ventura. Flea was also there and I got to meet him as well. It was a great night for music legends! The Clash is such a nice comparrison!

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