Big, Big, Big Doin’s up at Lytton Springs!

As if you needed another reason to visit one of the most beautiful properties in Northern California! As if your already beauty-battered soul could actually withstand yet even more lusciousness!

I am telling you, what those Lytton Springs folks are doing up there is DANGEROUS! They are playing with fire, and they are not afraid to get burned. They are pushing giant Sissyphean balls of beauty up a mountain of love, and ain’t nothin’ rollin’ back down! They were up above it, now they’re down in it. They are lifting you up where you belong, they are lighting up your life, and they are hopelessly devoted to you. They are forever yours, faithfully.

I have but two words for you: Vineyard, and Terrace.

This is bigger than Sinatra, than Shaq, than Bear in the Big Blue House’s house. This is Big In Japan big.
This is the “official” announcement:
It is with great excitement and enthusiasm that we announce our new Vineyard Terrace at Lytton Springs in Healdsburg, California. This outdoor tasting area provides guests visiting our estate a wonderful opportunity to enjoy our single-vineyard wines in a relaxed and comfortable setting. Overlooking some of the oldest vines in Sonoma County, the Vineyard Terrace is a truly unique experience, providing our guests a new level of engagement, education and hospitality. We look forward to welcoming you to Lytton Springs this summer.
And after digging that, dig this …
I kid you not, I don’t even work at the Lytton Springs property, and I am THRILLED about this development, and knowing well as I do the hospitality team up there, I can only imagine the kind of fantasticness that awaits visitors who opt to experience this new environment. It will be transformational. Not like Transformers transformative, where you become some sort of Humvee-thing, not Wonder Twin Powers Activate! transformative, where you become the form of an ice windmill, or the shape of an elephant seal, but transformative like meditating your way to another plane of consciousness.
And yes, to pre-empt your questions, he does actually work at Lytton Springs …

Yes. Yes he does ...

Won’t you come for a visit? It will truly be loverly …
For more about visiting Lytton Springs, please click here.

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  1. Used to love those two furry caffeined-up critters in Bear In The Big Blue House. What were they? Weasels? Otters?

  2. Beeeeeeeeeautiful!!!

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