Howl, Superfly, and the new 2009 Ridge Vineyards Buchignani Ranch Carignane!

I have been listening to Superfly and typing on a 1940s Royal. Why? Because June 3rd is the birthday of both Curtis Mayfield and Allen Ginsberg, and I LOVE that kind of synchronicity! Too hip …

In the spirit of Allen Ginsberg’s immortal “first word/best word” mantra, I have been typing spontaneously, no editing. A feat of Kerouacian stamina … and that may explain why I used “pop rocks” as a verb. But in honor of Mr. Mayfield, I was beautiful and funky while I did it …

Because we’re pouring the new 2009 Buchignani Ranch at First Friday tonight, I thought I’d have a go at typing up some tasting notes. Here is where me, Allen, and Curtis ended up:

And here is what it all looked like in picture and video. And do note, if you would, the video. It’s the GREATEST decanting video EVER. Or so I think, emboldened as I am with all my Superflyness and Howlness …

The video:

The pics:

And of course, if necessary, a typewriter transcription:

2009 Ridge Vineyards Buchignani Ranch Carignane

It’s baaaaaack! Not that the 2008 rendition wasn’t a fine wine; it was. But in certain vintages, the old-vine carignane from this extraordinary property just sings in a way that is inexplicably magical. The 2009 is clearly going to be one of these vintages, you can smell it as soon as the wine hits the glass. It’s that utterly singular combination of bouncing high-tone fruit and sweet, lascivious melted caramel, the blend of exotic spices, that cool herbaceousness … One sniff is all it takes. Front-palate takes a quick black turn, drawing in a nice tobacco-y tarriness before returning the tickling of bright spice and acrobatic acidity to pride-of-place. The mid-palate pop rocks a horde of bright red berry liveliness across the sensors, wrapping pinpoint acidity in a sleek coat of gossamer vitality. Put another way, it’s juicy, it’s got acidity, it’s just a touch sweet in character (if not actual sugars) and it’s utterly beguiling. The finish gets a touch of red apple skin into the mix, completing the chorus of components. Just a total winner, and now? I want cheese, glorious cheese, high fat cheese, triple cream cheese, cheese, cheese, cheese, nice round warm cheese to absorb all that crisp, clean acidity …

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  1. Looking forward to tasting it tonight!
    Loved the fun decanting video, as well!

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