Monte Bello 2010: The Final Assemblage Event In Pics, Glorious Pics!

There is something about the Final Assemblage Event that weighs both happier and heavier upon my viticultural soul; essentially, this is it, the final, the penultimate. We, who taste, are it. The very first and the very last. What we taste at this event is the very same assemblage of juice that, with bottle age enacted, you, your children, your loved ones, will be tasting 10-20-30-40-50 years from now, this very same wine I/we are tasting on this day. A wedding? A funeral? Birth, death, anniversaries, nothing is too important that it can’t be enhanced by the presence of wine at its finest, and believe you me, this 2010 Monte Bello is WINE AT ITS FINEST!

If my prayers have any play, what you tasted today, will be there for you in all the decades coming …

And for history’s sake, let’s just look a bit at it as it all played out, the FINAL, FINAL, FINAL 2010 assemblage …

Categories: Bordeaux varietals, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Events, Food & Wine Pairing, History, Merlot, Monte Bello, Offerings, Petit Verdot, Tasting Flights, Tasting Rooms, Varietals & Blends, Viticultural Salmagundi

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