Great Places & Ways To Drink #Chardonnay on #Chardonnay Day!

You could, for example, drink #chardonnay with rattlesnakes …

Or, you could drink #chardonnay with a lizard, if you’re afeard of snakes …

Or perhaps just #chardonnay amongst the flowers. Possibly safer and less cold-blooded that way …

#Chardonnay on top of the world?

How about #chardonnay with a birdhouse? Put a little birdhouse in your soul, a little #chardonnay in your mouth?

Perhaps some #chardonnay under a staircase? It’s a good place to think. A contemplative place.

Or just someplace where you’re not supposed to go. #Chardonnay just for the crazy thrill of it all.

#Chardonnay should certainly be of some use whilst on fire …

…and certainly prior to putting one’s head in the oven. The life you save may be your own …

You could drink #chardonnay in the bathroom …

Or better yet, the shower!

How and where do YOU enjoy #chardonnay?

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