2011 Wine Blog Awards!

Ladies and Gentlemen, the nomination period for the 2011 Wine Blog Awards is NOW OPEN!

This is your chance not only to shower some much-deserved recognition on your favorite wine blogs, but to discover a whole lovely host of blogs you may have not yet discovered!

Given the nature of my role(s) here at Ridge –specifically my role as host of this blog– I am fortunate to have a bit of time every week to read the work of my numerous and exalted colleagues in the field, and I accordingly know first-hand how much excellence is out there to be sipped, savored, and swallowed. So I heartily encourage you to visit the Wine Blog Awards web page, and start your research!

Or, if you have your favorites already, go ahead, give them a nod, and nominate them! All you have to do is pick a category or categories (for example, Best Overall Wine BlogBest Winery Blog, or Best Writing On A Wine Blog) and nominate your favorite via the comments feed. It couldn’t be simpler!

Categories: Wine Blogs


4 replies

  1. My nomination, is as follows:
    For best writing on a wine blog, I nominate the very literary – and very fun! – “4488: A Ridge Blog,” authored by Christopher Watkins. Christopher is a most amazing writer – he can make you smile, sigh, laugh and cry – and, sometimes, all within the same post!

  2. I submitted your blog to the “best writer” award category just now! 🙂

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