Chardonnay Day! 5.26.11

Get yer Chard on!

The time is right to rock the white,
prose the bard with gobs of chard,
stir the lees or slurp Chablis,
rouse ol’ Grampys with a glass of Champys, 
dip, trip, hey, say Chardonnay!

(take it to the bridge!)

Internationally known where the vines are grown,
known to rock the Spiegelau until you all know how,
until you all rock hard to a glass of Chard,
from Edna Valley, Northern Cali,
spreading news on Santa Cruz!
The joker’s wild, the yeast is too,
the heart’s the card, the wine is Chard!

(take it to the chorus!)

You can drink it with yer gal, drink it with yer fella
drink it in a glass that once held nutella!

Nutella? Do tella! That’s just how I roll
with a chaise in the yard, and a cool summer Chard!

Or, put another way, May 26th is Chardonnay Day! And I, for one, will be tasting all three of our current release Chardonnays (the nationally-released 2009 Estate, plus winery-only Mikulaco and Jimsomare), as well as sneak previewing the new 2008 Monte Bello Chardonnay! And I’ll be hashtaggin’ it twitter-style via #Chardonnay and #RidgeVineyards. Care to join me in a glass? Or four?

There are almost TOO many ways to get in on the fun, really, but here are some key things to know:

–You can visit our tasting rooms for special Chardonnay tastings, just click here for more info …

–You can take advantage of our CRAZY Chardonnay pricing and enjoy from anywhere! More here

–And you even can schedule, or join, a MEETUP! Dig? Then dig here

It’s CRAZY! All over the world, at the same time, all connected via Social Media, people will be drinking Chardonnay in unison, in celebration, in harmony. Now THAT’S The Rapture …

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