The Lytton Springs Spring Release Event in Pictures!

That intrepid photobug-in-the-mist Brandye Alexander was at it again last weekend. Slipping through the seams of the Spring Release Event, finding you in the intimacies of your reveries, moving unnoticed through the crowds like seams of light through the clouds; this is one lensomaniac with a serious kick for a pic.

Were you there? Did you experience the magic? The glamour? The tastes?!? If so, you might wish a quick revisit via the shots below, a quick chance to feel once again what you once felt before; that enervating, inspiring, intoxicating, bedazzling wonderment born of an extraordinary wine event. And if you missed it? Sample a visual taste below, and redouble your efforts to attend next time. Plan now, plan well, plan thoroughly. There were salmon sliders. There likely will be again.

Enough said. Gaze on Brandye’s handiwork not with a keen eye for angles, but with a keen heart for happiness, a keen soul for succulence, a keen spirit for the splendid. Because that’s what Brandye did when she took these pictures.

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