Monte Bello Jazz: Real Time, the Assemblage Monte Bello Band!

We enjoyed the Assemblage Monte Bello Event for so many reasons, and in so many ways; some of them expected, some of them surprising. The music was a little bit of both: expected, in that we knew how good it was going to be ahead time and surprising in that I don’t think we quite realized how much you were going to like it! I mean, we knew you would like it, but …

In the aftermath of the event, we have received so many positive comments about the music that I thought I ought to just give the artists their due for a moment. The band is called Real Time, and here are the musicians that comprise this fine ensemble:

Tim Jackson-flute

Jerry Shanahan-guitar

Marshall Otwell-piano

Scott McKenna-bass

Mike Shannon-drums

Needless to say, we’re already looking for another opportunity to bring these gents back to Monte Bello, but in the interim, I have very good news! We have secured the swinging services of Real Time for our upcoming Spring Release Celebration at Lytton Springs on May 14th! For more about this fantastic event (and to purchase tickets), please click here, and to enjoy a pair of quick video samples of the band in action at Monte Bello, please see below!

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