It’s My Party, I’ll Decant If I Want To!

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Ridge Blog
Happy Birthday to you…

And many more!

Yes, it was exactly this time two years ago that the very first posts went live on “4488: A Ridge Blog.” Hard to believe it’s been two years already, hard to believe it’s only been two years!

So, ask yourself, as you gaze into the whimsicalities of shimmering history, just what, exactly, was going ON way back in April of 2009?

A long, long time ago, I can still remember …

Well, for one thing, the communist party won an absolute majority in Moldova …

and the world’s first cloned camel, Injaz, was born in Dubai …

plus, auto giant Chrysler declared bankruptcy …

but perhaps most significantly, the Pitcairn Islands FINALLY abolished alcohol prohibition. Phew!

It was indeed quite the backdrop for a little old wine blog to be born against, but those heady days were certainly rich nutritional fodder for a newborn blog to dine on, as evidenced by some of the notably purple prosodidies that were running amok in those early days. For example:

“It’s earthy in a mushroomy sort of way, and definitely funky; but highly funky delicious! Its soft, smooth, concentrated triple-cream middle is wrapped in a rind that I can only describe as mouth-wateringly pungent; it was actually a perfect complement to the young cabernet sauvignon-based blend that is the Santa Cruz Mountains Estate right now; the youthful acidity provides a great counterbalancing cut to the warm, buttery triple-cream density, and the funky Mt. Tam Rind accents and draws out all the complex herbality currently available in the wine. I must confess, I was a bit woozy afterwards! Quite  a treat …”


“While I wait for the mixture to cool down, I have more Geyserville. This is the moment of truth; I’ve heard it said umpteenth times that one shouldn’t mix vinegar-based items with red wine. But if I just put a dollop of balsamic in the pie glass, and then I put those portabellos in upside down, so that that lovely mixture just seeps into those grooves and permeates the mushrooms inner flesh, and if I then heated the griller, and if I then put those mushrooms on that griller when it was hot, then that balsamic addition would get a little sticky, and a little sweet, and a little burny, and it would counterbalance the bite of the garlic, the viscosity of the oil, and the herbality of the basil, in such a way that I would be so, so happy. And the kitchen would smell so sexy. In fact, the whole house would smell so sexy. So sexy that, when I open and decant the special 97 Lytton Syrah that I’ve been saving I would almost become woozy.”


Wow, that was not one, but TWO woozies!

Anyhow, heady days indeed … I believe it was Shaw who once notably noted:

Youth is a wonderful thing. What a crime to waste it on children …


Well, it was a young blog then, it’s true, but I still like to believe, for the better or the worse, that the tides of youthful excess have not quite receded just yet …

“But I worry that we’re losing some of the visceral side of wine, the raw mojo funk passion of wine, the slinky, sweaty, groovy scratch-the-itch of wine. The drinking wine and reading poetry of wine. The syrah and jazz of wine. The boat and the moon and the wine of wine. The long slow sex of wine. The Howl of wine. The Dharma Bums of wine. The haiku of wine. The fonky fonky of wine.

I am worried about the cerebralization of wine.”


That one was from just a few days ago. Still pursuing the great fonky fonky in the sky …

Anyhow, the point is, this blog is celebrating a birthday! Two Years Old! And … oh… good lord … I just realized what that means … it means … that this blog … is about to enter …


In all seriousness, thank you to all at Ridge for giving me the wondrous opportunity to be the host of 4488: A Ridge Blog, and thank you to everyone who takes a bit of time to stop in for a bit of a read. It’s been a delectable two years, and I look very forward to many more to come!


On an oddly semi-related note, if you ever want to suss out the differences between BING and GOOGLE — I mean, definitively suss them out — then just come to me, because I can lay them on you in very clear fashion. Dig this; if you enter “wine birthday” into BING, you get the following (in the #3 spot at the top of the “images”  search list), a pic of a goofy looking 21st birthday wine glass …

But if you enter “wine birthday” into GOOGLE, what you get in that same #3 spot, is this …

A bemused and possibly intoxicated cartoon penguin in a hat.

But most importantly, as I sit here writing primarily by the lovely light of a Capitola moon, it’s a new year for this blog, and I am grateful.

So I’ll leave you with the lovely Irish mantra that is currently lilting from my speakers — near-chanted in craggy incantation by the rustically beautific hobo bard that is the very great Sean Tyrrell — “The Rising Of The Moon”:

We can live within God’s garden,
if we tend it with our care
We can understand the meaning
and the motives of the fair

Though we stumble thru the darkness
trying far too much too soon

Let’s all stand up and be counted
at the Rising of the Moon …


And do you know what’s so very, utterly lovely? There is no pomp, no circumstance; it’s just a very kind and gentle night. And I’m in a flannel shirt that once belonged to my Grandpa, and I’m sitting in my rocking chair in my less-than-well-lit-corner, and I’ve a flat-bottomed glass full to the indulgent brim with 2008 Carignane, and I’m writing.

Just writing, and drinking wine. Which is all I truly ever really wanted to do.



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  1. Happy Birthday, and see you tomorrow at Monte Bello!

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