2006 Lytton Estate Syrah: One Of The Greatest! (Tasting Notes Below!)

The Ol' Typer, At It Again ...

And a translation:

Impenetrably rich and deep aubergine and mulberry tones in the belly, with a glistening violaceous halo encircling, pooling below medium to heavy legs evidencing a slightly decadent viscosity. Succulent plum-esque aromatics laced with the honey-toned co-fermented viognier enripen the bouquet, laced with a fluttering of lilac and lavender florality. Firmly structured on the palate, showing well-coated tannins, dusky minerality, and a tempered but still-present dance of acidity along the tongue-sides. A vintage Stratocaster of a wine; utterly sinuous lines and beautiful forms, yet containing within it tremendous power and wildness. One of the finest Ridge Syrahs I’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting

It Was A Dark And Stormy Wine ...

Categories: Syrah, Tasting Notes, Varietals & Blends

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  1. Missed you at First Friday last night, Christopher but, as usual, enjoyed your descriptions of the wines – lyrical and accurate! The tasting build was interesting and fun. We enjoyed the Syrah, too!

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