2009 Jimsomare Chardonnay: Tasting Notes!

If you’re not already a member of our ATP Program, now might just be a really good time to consider joining up. Why? Because we’ve just made available (exclusively to members of our ATP Program) the 2009 Jimsomare Chardonnay, and it’s utterly and completely delicious.

This might come off as a bit of a mash-note-to-self, but if you’re aware of our chardonnays, you’re probably aware of just how celebrated they are, and how accoladed they’ve been (#2 on Wine Spectator’s Top 100 List, 90+ point ratings from Robert Parker & Wine Enthusiast, Wine of the Year award from Sunset Magazine). The rarity-scarcity of the Jimsomare offering would certainly seem to enhance that cachet, but it’s the experience of tasting it that I want to share with you …

A beautiful straw yellow in the glass (hold it to the light and it will send wine fireflies sparking through your private atmospheres), it positively sparkles in the glass, and the clear and crisp highlights are counterweighted by elegantly slow-moving and gracefully viscous legs. The aromatics are pure mountain-fruit chardonnay; steely, mineral-laden, and warmly mid-to-high tone, with particularly expressive notes of pear, lemon, and honey.  Great acidity hits the palate at first sip, then spreads throughout, with notable points of vibrancy being tip of the tongue and, interestingly enough, the long finish. Mid-palate provides an emergence of discreet and mitigated oak influence; honey tones get warmer, citricity turns spicy, zest supines into subtle hints of beurre blanc. As noted above, the finish is stunningly long, and effectively sews all the components together in rather delightful fashion, while also adding in some mellow tropical fruit notes and layering on some wild yeast-derived brioche warmth. Add the faintest hint of caramel, and the journey from front to back of palate is complete. Simultaneously complex and elegant, this is a wine that wears its affability on its sleeve, yet holds within its cloaks a deeper, richer core. Drink in any season, alone, or with light-to-medium-bodied foods that favor mellow spicing and savory flavorings.

If you’re already in the ATP Program, you can click here to order this wine now, and if you’re interested in joining, please click here. Then, you can go back to the other link, and order this wine!

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