Time For Another “Weird and Wacky World of Search Engine Terms” post!

It just never, ever fails to amaze me, the things that lead people to this blog.

I like to think it’s testament to the depth and range of the subject matter contained here, but it may also be that people are a tad strange.

Either way, I’m happy you found us, and good luck on your search for “Jimmie Walker Memorabilia.” Dy-No-Mite!

What follows is a list of search engine terms that led people here in the past 30 days. Enjoy!

articles on alcohol mystery

meat slicer gorgeous

how are solved acrostic anagram

i always fill like

fefferoni pepper

cheese “wallace and gromit”

rick jennings muscle

as the days fly past will we lose our grasp

wine ceremonies in chinese poetry

schwarzenegger esence national colour

wine menagerie mustard glozening

cafe paris hemingway

hummingbird poems

5 gallon wine “the jerk”

dali floating eye

tom waits young

bicycle focus 2010 blue ridge-gray

thankful for my wife poems

beyonce is so beautiful

aerial snow

napkins and glasses

jimmy walker memorabilia

ridge goop


I love my cannabis

kid n play too hype

give a little more

painting bar piano jazz smoke

–and my personal favorite trio–

Abraham lincolns wife

artisanal bong structure

john coltrane smiling


Categories: Viticultural Salmagundi, Wine Blogs


2 replies

  1. I wish I could claim “wine menagerie mustard glozening” as mine – or that my husband is responsible for “thankful for my wife poems”, but alas – not us. I did google “Ridge Vineyard” sometime in the last 30 days. I know, totally boring.

  2. Wacky!
    I think I’ll show my SEO teacher that list!

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