97 Points from James Suckling!

Any time your wine’s name, James Suckling’s name, and “97 points” are found to be in the same sentence, it’s usually a pretty good thing. Of course, the sentence could be James Suckling saying, “What? Are you kidding me? I wouldn’t give (your wine’s name here) 97 point if it was the last bottle on earth!”

Fortunately, that wasn’t the case this time. Rather, the Ridge Vineyards 2007 Monte Bello, James Suckling, and 97 points were all together in the good kind of way, and it was rather wonderful to see!












Santa Cruz Mountains



“The nose just bursts with blueberries, currants, and flowers. Full bodied, with a round and velvety tannin structure. The palate explodes with currants, ripe strawberries, and black pepper on the finish. This is muscular and toned, structured and balanced. This is still young and needs a minimum of five years of bottle age. Winemaker Paul Draper says that perhaps this is as great as the legendary 1991. Could be.” 

Thanks James!

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