One Of The GREAT Pagani Ranch offerings, Pouring At Lytton Springs RIGHT NOW!

I had the great pleasure of crafting some tasting notes on the new 2008 Pagani Ranch this morning, and as I often do, I worked on my old Royal Typewriter; I find this combination of methodology and medium results in a peculiarly excellent combination of spontaneity and deliberation as regards the generation of prose (while of course having to allow for some typos!), and it’s a bit of an adventure as well, as I never know in advance where I’m going to end up, or what I’m going to say. This time around, the ending of my text pretty much sums it all up in terms of my response to this wine: ” …truly shaping up to be one of the GREAT Paganis …”

Have you tried this wine yet, and specifically, this vintage of this wine? If not, you should really find a way to walk, run, scurry, hovercraft, helicopter, teleport, hydroplane, bungee, skateboard to our Lytton Springs Tasting Room, because they’re going to be pouring it today, and if anyone else has even half the reaction I had to this wine, they’re going to sell, like, 1000 BOTTLES OF THIS WINE TODAY! There won’t be any left after that! Go! Go! Go!

Faster Wine Pussycat, GO!

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  1. Hi Christopher

    I really enjoyed your description of the ’08 vintage of my favorite Ridge Zinfandel, and one of a small handful of my favorite Zins, period. I haven’t tried the ’08 yet, but have had every vintage of Pagani going back to the ’92 (never found the ’91 on the east coast). After reading your tasting note, I can’t wait to try it and almost regret waiting this long. I’d be interested to hear how you would compare it to other recent vintages. I particularly loved the ’01, ’03, ’04 and ’07. FYI, I also recently revisited the ’01 Geyserville, which blew me away!
    Notes found here:

    On a different note, I am planning to come to the Day in the Vineyard tasting on Sunday, April 3 with two of my wine loving friends and wanted to see if a tour could be scheduled for that morning? It’s been about ten years since I’ve made the pilgrimage to the Ridge, so I’m really looking forward to it.

    Thanks for the info and look forward to your next post.

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