Something In The Way Wine Moves …

There is something about the scene of a wine tasting before it actually happens that just beguiles me. Perhaps it’s the symmetry of line; the glasses all in rows, the chairs all in rows, the napkins arranged just so, the bottles in a line … Or perhaps it’s more abstract than that; the viticultural Christmas Eve effect, the anticipation, the excitement … Maybe it’s just the clarity and cleanliness; everything in order, no drips, no bread crumbs, no devoured cheese wedges … Could be just the sheer effect of light; the we-are-just-like-birds-who-like-shiny-things phenomenon, sunlight playing off of all that dancing crystal sparkliness … Hard to say, really, but it’s a magical scene, one I love to visually devour … and present, of course. Maybe that’s really it, maybe it’s the collective widening of eyes as you usher guests into the room, the soft oohs and aahs, the almost museum-like stillness that temporarily overcomes even the most boisterous of groups … One feels good, I must say, to say “welcome.”

Filled soon, my pretties, filled soon ...

Categories: Events, Food & Wine Pairing, Tasting Flights, Tasting Rooms, Viticultural Salmagundi

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