2008 Carmichael: Typewriter Tasting Notes!

It’s First Friday this evening, and we’re going to be debuting the latest release from the absolutely interstellar 2011 ATP roster, the 2008 Ridge Vineyards Carmichael!

I tasted this wine not too long back, with Eric Baugher, in advance of the ZAP event, but I wanted to give it a re-visit in advance of tonight’s festivities (if you want to see the earlier notes for comparison’s sake, you can find them here), and in the spirit of Ginsbergian First-Word-Best-Word, I decided to pull out the ol’ typer, get the ol’ 8mm rollin’, and go free-style with my tasting notes …

Here, then, is the video!


And here, then, are the notes, just as you saw them going down live on the typer!

2008 Carmichael: Typewriter Tasting Notes!


And just in case you need a translation (I was getting a bit of a sticky key phenomenon there at the end …), here is a transcription:

2008 Ridge Vineyards Carmichael

Very brambly aromatics, fairly dense fruit concentration, quite plummy, but not cloyingly so; rather, just nice rich fruit … medium-weight legs that are surprisingly viscous as regards bowl adhesions … very blackish belly, with a gorgeous magenta limn … hints of some black herbs on the nose as well, perhaps even a hint of Panda licorice … super, super concentrated on the palate; juicy, but lively, strong with tannins, but bouncing with acidity … the petite sirah in the blend, even at 8%, lends a nice dark earthy layer to the mid-palate, and a reasonably approachable chalky-esque minerality …. pretty big overall, with a lot of lusciousness to spare, though it wears its 14.7% ABV well; it’s ripe, certainly, but not jammy, and the fruit profile is plum first, boysenberry second, with hints of Logan and Ollalieberry coming in third … I’m most impressed by the structure, as the architecture is really front and center; again, lots of tannin, good minerality, more than enough acidity, etc. … Overall, a rich, luxurious, concentrated, deeply flavorful zin that still manages the affectations of a lighter wine.

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