I’ve Been Auctioned!

Wow, just when you think you’ve seen it all from ZAP, along comes another one you just didn’t see coming! To borrow a line from the very great Ralph Kramden …

POW! Right in the kisser ...

Or, to borrow a great colloquialism I picked up whilst living in rural Ireland, I was GOBSMACKED to find out that I’d been auctioned off at ZAP! And for no small amount either!

Actually, it’s not me per se, it was our Wine Blogger’s Tastings, which I host.

Anyhow, being the arch supporters of ZAP that we are, we wanted to offer something special to the auction; here’s how the lot read:

 Live/Super-Silent Auction Lot(s): Ridge Wine Blogger For A Day
Invitation for one person plus one guest to attend one of Ridge’s exclusive wine blogger tastings to be held in 2011. These private tastings are held in an intimate setting at either Ridge’s Lytton Springs or Monte Bello facilities and regularly include leading internet wine bloggers. The tasting is conducted by Christopher Watkins, Ridge Tasting Room Manager and host of “4488: A Ridge Blog.” You will receive a unique “behind the scenes” experience that you can chronicle in your own blog, or as a guest writer for the Ridge blog. You will also receive two Paul Draper signed magnums of 2008 Lytton Springs Zinfandel, two signed magnums of 2008 Geyserville Zinfandel, plus a case of assorted Ridge Zinfandels. 

And as noted above, I’m happy to report that not only did the lot sell, but it went for well above the listed “fair market value!”

But really, none of that matters compared to the best lil’ piece of gossip I picked up (I say gossip because I wasn’t actually there, but got the story from an “insider” …); as you may know, the now very famous and very successful Nadia G (host of Bitchin’ Kitchin’) was the headliner/host of this year’s ZAP festival, and as part of her hosting duties, she was asked to introduce one of the lots at the auction. She apparently requested a list of all the items to be auctioned, as she wanted to make the selection herself. And what item do you think she chose??? Can you guess? Huh? Huh?


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