ZAP, Bob Dylan, and The Greatest Tasting Note Movie Ever Shot!

Ok, that heading may be just a tad misleading, possibly hyperbolic, but the truth is, ZAP is coming this weekend, the video for Bob Dylan’s “Subterranean Homesick Blues” remains one of the great pieces of celluloid history ever shot, and my footage of winemaker Eric Baugher tasting the 2009 Geyserville barrel sample (which we’ll be sneak-previewing at ZAP this weekend) has got Oscar written all over it …

What??? Not familiar with ZAP? Ok, for the uninitiated amongst you, ZAP is as follows:

And Ridge will be there, amongst a veritable who’s who of Zinfandel producers, as follows:

As will Nadia G …

But about Bob Dylan, and my footage of Eric, dig this still:

And then dig this movie:

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