The Return of the Dusi!

The Return of the Dusi!


In addition to all the other excitement this weekend (Calling All Cooks Food and Wine Tasting!), the Dusi Ranch is back!

Just in time to liquidically enhance your holiday table, we have re-emerged the 2007 Ridge Vineyards Dusi Ranch Late Harvest Zinfandel from the library, and will be offering it in our Monte Bello Tasting Room this weekend!

For a previous post on this wine, please click here, and for a contemporary look, well, hold on, let me just decant some!

Per a rather unusual e-mail back-and-forth I had this morning, I’m feeling inspired to try and write a tasting note haiku. Must be spontaneous, no editing. Here we go:

Winter birds sleep
under warm wings, winds smell of
cocoa — friends gather.

And there you go. Come taste it this weekend!

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