My Love For The Language Of Wine!

Why? Why do I so love the language of wine? Well, for a lot of reasons …

But why, specifically, tonight?

Because the language of wine has a grape in it that starts with the letter Z.

Why is this important?

Because I’m tired of reading A to Z books to my daughter that all end with either:

A) Zoo, which admittedly I’m just not that comfortable with, because the animals just never, ever seem to be at peace in any vibrant sort of way …

B) ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ, which I have really come to resent, because everytime I pretend to fall asleep when I get to the Z (which happens to also make me really want to go to sleep), my daughter hollers, “Wake up Daddy!” making it all the more clear that I might just not ever actually sleep ever again …


C) Zoom, which inevitably makes me think of my own personal “S’cuse Me While I Kiss This Guy” moment (a historically notable example of a misheard lyric, in which someone mistook Jimi Hendrix’s rather more cool “S’cuse Me While I Kiss The Sky”) in which I first heard Robert Cray’s “Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark” and thought I heard the following:

I’m at my best
In a pitch black room
Hold on tight baby
Feel the power zoom

Which turns out to actually be:

I’m at my best
In a pitch black room
Hold on tight baby
You’ll feel the power soon

Which is still a really, really bad lyric, but, well, not quite as bad …

Anyhow, the point is, the language of wine has a great word in the Z category. So can someone please tell me if there is an A to Z book for 2 year olds out there that ends with Zinfandel?

In case that might not be the case, I’ve assembled my own lil’ A to Z, and in this case, almost all the words have something to do with Ridge; one or two are a stretch, but can still be claimed as appropriately under the Ridge Wine umbrella, however, two letters are not. Can you spot them?

Here goes!

A is for Alicante Bouschet

B is for Bordeaux varietals

C is for Cabernet Franc

D is for Double Magnum

E is for En Primeur

F is for Free Run

G is for Grenache

H is for Hectare

I is for Imperiale

J is for Jeroboam

K is for Kabinett

L is for the Lactic Acid

M is for Merlot

N is for Negociant

O is for Oak

P is for Petite Sirah

Q is for Quaff

R is for Racking

S is for Spur Pruning

T is for Tannin

U is for Ullage

V is for Vertical Shoot Position

W is for, um, Wine …

X is for Xinomavro

Y is for Yeast


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