Turn Black Friday Red!

Black Friday. The single-busiest shopping day of the year. And possibly the single most frightening day of the year.

Ask yourself, Do you really want to get trampled under hordes of Wal-Mart customers at 3 in the morning? Do you really want to be covered in bruises from Costco shopping cart collisions? Do you dare run the emotionally scarring risk of catching sight of your reflection as you forcibly manhandle a pregnant woman to wrest from her frantic grasp the last Hogwarts LEGO set in Toys R’ Us? Do you really want to stand in lines that stretch across state lines?

Or do you want to taste wine? Delicious, delicious wine.

If the latter, then come visit us! That’s right, both our Monte Bello and Lytton Springs Tasting Rooms will be open on this year’s Black Friday, November 26th!

Lytton Springs will be open for General Public Tastings from 11am-4pm, with no reservations required (unless you’re traveling with a larger party).

At Monte Bello, we’ll be offering three Open Tasting Appointments — at 11am, 1pm, and 3pm– for exclusive seated tastings of a special holiday-themed tasting flight. Space will be very limited for these unique tastings, so please contact us at your earliest convenience if you wish to attend. You may call 408.867.3233, or e-mail reservations@ridgewine.com.

So ask yourself, what kind of Friday do YOU want? Black?

Or Red?

Turn your Black Friday Red, and visit Ridge Vineyards. No lines, no legos, no lunacy.

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  1. Nice! I couldn’t agree with you more.

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