Global Zinfandel Day Begins With The 2000 Geyserville!

Man, Global Zinfandel Day is starting with a bang ’round here! I’ve got lightning blots shooting out of my head, I’m so electric …

So, in settling on a back-vintage from the vaults to close today’s seated zinfandel tastings with, I got my heart pretty set on the idea of the 2000 Geyserville, and on a whim I decided to ring up to winemaker Eric Baugher’s office to get his thoughts on it, and as it turned out, he hadn’t tasted it in a while, so up to the winery I went, Ah So and Foil Cutter in pocket, 2000 Geyserville in hand …

Tasting 2000 Geyserville w/ winemaker Eric Baugher


It was unquestionably a difficult vintage, due to the wicked combination of a spring frost and scalding summer heat, and the selection process was accordingly notable for its intense scrupulousness; the final assemblage was comprised of a mere 20%!

That said, the wine was an absolute and total joy to taste; one of the more pleasant surprises on record; Eric had thought it would be distinctly advanced by now, but the wine was anything but; it was quite literally bouncing out of the glass with full vitality on full display…

Here is a quick look at what Eric scribbled down in the way of notes:

2000 Geyserville: Eric Baugher's Tasting Notes


I of course was doing a bit of scribbling as well, having left my typewriter back in my office …

CW at work on notes ...


But because my handwriting borders on the inscrutable, I am offering a properly typed translation instead …

2000 Ridge Vineyards Zinfandel

Astonishingly bright and vibrant color in the glass; rivulets of cranberry woven through a theater of rose and fuchsia … Aromatics rich with ripe, sweet, plummy fruit underlaid with a hearth’s worth of tobacco and dark herbs, evoking, amongst other things, a farmhouse high-tone pie lending sweet yeast and brown sugar … As soon as the wine hits the palate, the classic Geyserville mint is on display, a wickedly enticing herbaceousness that is almost wintergreen in character … a touch hot in places (14.9% abv), but barely noticeable amidst the endlessly buoyant acidity on display … the tannins are supremely smooth and reconciled and round, laying on the tongue like silk on skin … given the equitable distribution of carignane and petite sirah in the blend (17% of each) I’d say the carignane is leading the way, giving the wine an overall fruitier character, with high-tone cherry being the dominant note … all told, and in summary? Delicious!

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2 replies

  1. Just purchased a bottle of Ridge Geyserville 2000 and looking forward to enjoying it tomorrow. I very much like the 2006 and 2007 vintages and thought I would try an earlier one.

    Any advice on how long it may take to open up?
    Happy Thanksgiving

  2. I hope all you guys – and gals – are enjoyiong yourselves.

    I think I will claim a UNIQUE tasting on the famous day. My group of 16 regular tasters enjoyed a French Zinfandel; Domaine de l’Arjolle 2003. OK, so it is never going to outshine the more glamorous offerings that Ridge has, but, excuse me, a French Zin??
    What is the world coming to??

    Happy holidays

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