Calling All Cooks!

Here is a simple set of 5 very important questions for you:

1. Do you cook?

2. Do you cook during the winter holidays?

3. Do you drink wine during the winter holidays?

4. Do you drink Ridge Vineyards’ wine during the holidays?

5. Does the food you cook during the winter holidays taste good with the Ridge wine you drink during the winter holidays?

If you answered YES to the above, then have we got a contest for you!

I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am about this contest! If you’ve ever read this blog before, you’ll know I’m deeply interested in culinary companionability as regards wine production, and am an ardent fan of the art and artistry of food-and-wine pairing (for a sampling of thoughts, perspective, images, and more on this topic, please click here), so this is something of a gift from the gods for me, the opportunity to experience what all of YOU are up to at YOUR tables!

From the feathered quill and inkwell of our marketing gurus, the specs:

We want to hear from you! We are in search of our Featured Holiday Pairing Recipe and figured what better place to look than to those of you who have been regularly preparing delicious meals that pair beautifully with our wines.

Send us your perfect Ridge pairings!

Three finalists will be selected with a winner determined based on 1) pair-ability with a Ridge wine, 2) flavor, 3) use of seasonal ingredients and 4) clarity and convenience. The winning pairing will be Ridge’s Featured Holiday Pairing Recipe and will receive a spotlight on our website, in our Wine Club newsletter, and in our tasting rooms as we will prepare your dish for guests on the final day of Winter Wine Series on December 18. The winner will also receive a package of non-wine Ridge gifts including our Olive Oil & Red Wine Vinegar gift pack and a Ridge decanter and glassware set. Ridge strongly encourages the use of local, seasonal and sustainable ingredients.

Deadline for submissions is December 6, 2010. The winner will be announced on December 13, 2010. Please email your recipe to us.

Contest Rules:

One submission per individual. The recipe must be unique. Recipe must be intended to pair with a currently available Ridge wine and identified as such upon submission. Recipe must identify all ingredients and specific measurements. Submissions cannot be from Ridge employees or their relatives.

Recipe Submission Details:

~ Title of recipe and identify specific Ridge wine
~ Ingredients (with measurements)
~ Directions
~ Any origin or story

All submitted recipes become the property of Ridge Vineyards and may be published and used for any purpose. Published recipes are tested in our kitchen, adjusted as needed, and written in our editorial style. You will be notified if your recipe is chosen.

Please email your recipe to us.


With all that said, it’s clearly time to open a bottle of Ridge Wine (one for the pot, one for the cook!) and get cookin’!

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  1. I’m in!! (I’m blogging about the contest too!)

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