Wine Bloggers Tasting: The Final 2010 Edition!

Calling all wine bloggers! Calling all wine bloggers!

For those of you who who’ve been following along (and of course those of you who’ve attended in the past), you know that we’ve started a new series this year, quarterly Wine Bloggers Tastings. We’ve done three so far, and I think it’s safe to say they’ve been wonderful events; each different in their own way, but all equally special, and delicious!

(If you’re not familiar with our series, you can click here and see a whole host of posts about it …)

The most recent event was held up at our Lytton Springs facility, and it was quite an affair; on a 100-hundred degree day, nearly 20 of us huddled down in the comparative coolness of the crush pad and tasted a 10-vintage vertical of Lytton Springs stretching all the way back to the 1987 vintage (which was stunning), plus a trio of back-vintage Monte Bello out of 375ml bottles (you can read about it here). What a day!

For the fourth and final Wine Bloggers Tasting of the year, we’ll be returning the event to my home turf of Monte Bello, and if you’re a wine blogger who will be in the area, please write me and let me know!

Provisionally, pending final confirmation, the tasting will be held on Friday, December 10th, here at Monte Bello, so again, if you can be in the area, let me know! In addition, we’re going to continue/expand the virtual component of the event; we’ll be inviting a select roster of wine bloggers from outside our area to participate via twitter using our #RidgeVineyards hashtag, so even if you can’t come to Monte Bello, you can still play ball! Meaning, write me if you want to attend!

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