Wine & Food Affair: The Picture Show!

Wow! What an AFFAIR that was! Our Lytton Springs Tasting Room saw over 1300 people in two days! THAT’S an affair!

By all accounts it was a tremendous event, and proved to once again be a tremendous showcase for the region. We’re very proud to be a part of such a fine community, and this was, for us, a delightful and delicious opportunity to engage in some serious community building, and some serious community celebration.

If you’re not familiar with the whingding that is Wine & Food Affair, please feel free to check a previous post (found here) for some specific details, and otherwise, stay tuned for when next year’s edition rolls around, this is something you just don’t want to miss!

If you did miss it and want to see what it’s all about, or if you were in fact there and just want to do some old-fashioned reliving of the magic, check out the following pics; it’s #WAFA10 in action!

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