My 1940s Royal Typewriter, and My Wine!

I’ve added a new item to my arsenal of tasting tools; a vintage, manual Royal typewriter from the 1940s!

My Royal and My Wine!


I’ll confess, I actually have quite a few old typewriters, and I love every one of them, and they’ve been and will continue to be a big part of my writing life.

(Should you actually be so interested, an essay of mine was published some years back about my affection for, and use of, manual typewriters. It was published on a vintage typewriter website, and it’s essentially a typewriter-centric story about my time as Writer-in-Residence at the Jack Kerouac House. You can find the essay here.)

But this is one is special, because I acquired it specifically for use at Ridge Vineyards.

My first work on it is tasting notes for the 2007 Old School. This will be December’s ATP offering, and I’ve been really, really, really eager to taste it. Here is what I typed; first-pass, unabridged, un-edited …

Here is a translation, in case you’re having trouble reading; my ribbon needs replacing! And, my fingers are a bit out of practice …

2007 Ridge Vineyards Old School

Rich garnet in the bowl, with a passionately glowing ruby limn and an even and elegant viscosity in the glass.

Aromatics rich with compressed mid-tone red fruit, hints of anise and kirsch, and a rounding-out woodiness that gleefully supports the rich fruit.

Borderline sweet at front-of-palate, with a decadent and round mouthfeel speaking clearly that this is zin, zin, and nothing but zin.

Opulence, ripeness, concentration; these are all words winemaker Eric Baugher uses in his label text, and they all apply. Add to this rhetorical roster the word succulent, and you’ve pretty much covered the spectrum.

There is a pleasantly dark undertow that re-emerges in the finish (echoes of the anise in the nose) and this lends a sense of structure that enhances the bodyweight, and reinforces the focus.

All in all, less of an at-table wine proper, and more of a private indulgence; this wine is sexy, decadent, and destined to be free-flowing.

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