#WAFA10 -or- Wine, Confit, & You!

I’m struggling here, I really am. I have a really groovy event to chat about, and I’m torn on what to say. Of course, I could just heap praise on our Lytton Springs site — the phenom staff, the exquisite location, the multiple green-award-winning facility, the wines, the wines, the wines — and of course I could sing the praises of the organizational and community-minded spirit of the folks over at wineroad.com, those arch supporters of, and advocates for, that holy trinity of wine valleys in Northern California that is Alexander, Dry Creek, and Russian River (who are also the folks who are behind the event in question), and of course I could just  praise YOU, because YOU have apparently already rendered this event SOLD OUT!

Lytton Springs, pic courtesy of Dave Tong

What in blazes am I actually talking about? Why, Wine & Food Affair, of course!

And it’s happening this weekend! Ridge Vineyards/Lytton Springs is a proud participant, and if you have any way to get to Sonoma County this weekend — don’t rule out hiking, parasailing, transporting, extreme pogo-sticking, sack-racing, or donkeys — then I really and truly do strongly recommend that you attend. And if you didn’t get a ticket in time, then you might want to try and find a way to bribe someone who already has a ticket into giving you their ticket. (Bribes really are the obvious choice for the currently ticketless, but I suppose there are other ways to barter. Depending on who you ask … and of course, depending on what you offer …)

I kid! I’m a kidder! I’m just kidding … I’m a kidder.

Margot Kidder, with Superman

In all seriousness, Wine & Food Affair is really a kick of a happening, and if you’re going to be anywhere near our Lytton Springs facility this weekend, then I really hope you can find a way to participate. And if the Sold Out signs prove to be daunting, well, just write me with a really erudite and compelling explanation of why you should be in attendance, and I’ll see what I can do!

You can find all the relevant event specs here, by the way …

Now admittedly, that was a pretty roundabout plug for a fairly straightforward event. Perhaps what I really should have written was the following:

New Ridge Vineyards Syrah/Grenache

WAIT! That’s no fun! Ok, let’s try it again … Here are all the WORDS I should have written, but let’s let YOU put them together …

Cannellini Mazzoni Lytton Confit Syrah Duck Grenache Soup Sonoma Carignane Northern


Confit, dig?

And hey, by the way, if you do indeed plan to be on hand to dig the festivities, and if you really want to fully swim in the social media stream, then I should tell you that the Twitterisciously Hashtagged virtual nom-de-plume is as follows: #WAFA10 … (and if you’re tasting Ridge wines, don’t forget to include #ridgewine in your tweet!)

#WAFA10 & #ridgewine!

And all THAT said, don’t let the on-site specificity leave you feeling left out; if you have a Rhone-varietal Ridge Vineyards wine at home, dig it out, and dig participating in some on-line virtual community tasting! Why? Well, not only will you be unity-planing with the on-site cats and kitties, you’ll be joining the jetstream of a particularly special charitable endeavor that Ridge Vineyards is pleased to already be on board with; it’s Syrah-centric, it helps young children dodge a disease that really should no longer still be considered a threat, and it involves drinking wine. Problem? No, of course not …

I’m talkin’ Pneumonia’s  Last Syrah, people!

Pneumonia's Last Syrah!

More on this in the next post, but for the time being, back to Wine & Food Affair. The gist of it is that we’ll be pouring a rippingly delightful selection of wines, and those wines are going to be paired with a delectable in-house-crafted dish created specifically for its contribution to the food & wine pairing paradigm, and if you already have a ticket, then don’t miss the Lytton Springs contribution, and if you don’t have a ticket, but will be in the area, then get ahold of me for some velvet rope mojo (don’t forget,erudite and compelling!), and if you don’t have a ticket and aren’t in the area, but want to join in the tasting festivities on-line, then pull some Ridge from your cellar, and join us for some virtual tasting via the hashtags noted above! (#WAFA10 and #ridgewine) …


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  1. Wine & Food Affair is a GREAT event. In a year where almost all events in Wine Country have had a struggle to sell most of the tickets, the Wine Road gang continues to blaze a trail, and sells out, a week before the event, with more wineries participating than ever. The marketing team ‘gets it’ in today’s new world, and earns their success.
    Don’t not come to the Wine Road b/c tickets are sold out…there are another 85 wineries in the area, many of whom will be going a little extra, even if not participating.


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