VineWatch 2010: We Made It!

On a cold and wet Friday morning, our lil’ vine came to the end of a long and significant journey; through thick and thin, rain and wind, sun and cold, it has weathered this most mysterious of growing seasons with staunchness, grit, and determination. Determination to see its fruits come to fruition, to make its final contribution to what will one day be the 2010 Monte Bello. Lil’ vine, I salute you, you made it!

VineWatch 2010: The End


It was a bright, brisk spring day when David Gates first walked with me up the hill into the vines to make our selection. Hard to believe it all started like this …

VineWatch 2010: In The Beginning


I await with a special sense of appreciation next year’s Monte Bello Component Tasting, my first opportunity to share with you the fruits of this beautiful vine, and all the beautiful vines on our mountain. I sincerely hope to see you there.

Categories: Cabernet Sauvignon, Monte Bello, Varietals & Blends, Vineyards, Winemaking


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