Wine Bloggers Tasting: Edition III, The First Posts!

Our recent Wine Bloggers Tasting is fresh in my mind today as I (finally!) commence working on my wrap-up of the event, and as I sit at the typer trying to work a bit of magic, I am both elated AND chagrined to note that a number of our guests have already put up their posts!

It truly was a fascinating experience; the selection of wines (10 vintages of Lytton Springs and 3 back-vintage Monte Bellos!), the singularity of the setting (the Lytton Springs crush pad!), and of course the company, all combined to make for a more-than memorable afternoon, and should you wish to indulge in some delightfully spun renditions of the day’s happenings, I encourage you to check out these posts:

From Marcy Gordon –travel writer, arch wine enthusiast, lunar conspiracist– comes the following on her Come For The Wine blog:

From Richard Jennings –oenophilic prolificism incarnate– comes the following on his RJ on Wine blog:

From Dave Tong –resident local expert on all things Santa Clara Valley and Santa Cruz Mountains– comes the following on his fine blog:

And from our new friend Joe Herrig over at Subarban Wino, one of the more singular run-downs of the event; a post in which I’m happy to note that a picture of my hand is in the fine visual company of Anna Nicole Smith, Jack Palance, and Haley Joel Osment! You can find it here:



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