2001 Ridge Vineyards Dusi Ranch: Special Web Offer! (Tasting Notes)

If you’re on our mailing list, you will have this morning received  an e-mail from us, and amongst all the other juicy items in said e-mail, you will have likely noted a special web offer on a rare library offering; the 2001 Dusi Ranch. And just in case you’re wondering how this wine is showing, I thought I’d offer some tasting notes; these were written back in March of 2010, during the tasting session in which this wine was selected for release.

Ridge Vineyards 2001 Dusi Ranch

Aromatics rich with dense, concentrated, and decadently ripe fruit, highlighting unctuous and ingratiating strains of baked sweet plum that carry over into the front and mid-palate. The mouthfeel is tremendously viscous, with remarkably well-honed, near briery acidity emerging towards the back-palate. The finish is to the short side, but reveals a pleasantly chalky minerality and tannin profile.

Categories: Special Offerings

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