2006 Mazzoni Home Ranch Tasting Notes

I am happy to announce that we’ve just now rolled out a new ATP release; the much-anticipated 2006 Mazzoni Home Ranch!

2006 Mazzoni Home Ranch

It’s shipping out to ATP Members in about a week, and will come available in the tasting rooms in November, but since we had the opportunity to taste it at yesterday’s First Friday event, I thought I’d share some early tasting notes:

Deep, deep — smoke-on-the-water-deep — purple in the glass, with a glisteningly luminescent raspberry limn and an impenetrable, near baroque richness and depth showing in the belly of the bowl … Strong blueberry and cocoa powder notes dominate the aromatics, with hints hints of cedar and balsa wood, and a fresh, possibly carignane-derived sense of clear creek-water creeping in … Tremendously vibrant and expressive acidity immediately at point-of-entry, flaring up and flaring out firework style, leaving in its glittering wake a resoundingly chalky minerality coating the full range of the mid-palate … dark berry notes continue to prevail, though progressively giving way to a tarter, more cherry and yellow-flesh plum tanginess … the finish is both primarily acidity-driven, and preposterously lengthy; mostly structure-dominated, with flashes of fruit still shining through … Overall; complex, unique, saturated and and expressive, destined for success at table, and with years of maturation still to come …

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  1. Thank you for your oh so unsubtle, but I am sure accurate, tasting notes. More evidence that I simply must relocate OR persuade Ridge to allow and organise the ‘overseas’ afficionados into the ATP program.

    I have tasted Mazzoni Ranch before. It is VERY special. Enjoy it while you can.

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