T Minus One Day And Counting: Monte Bello Library Tasting!

To me, it’s like a chant, a hymn to the divine. The drone of a low D string, the hum of Uilleann pipes. A numerical mantra, viticultural sutra. The relentless march of an Underwood’s clacking keys, the thump-tom-thump-tap-slide of a walking doghouse bass. The sound, over and over, trip-hop and country blues, Ireland’s May Morning Dew and India’s Punjabi soul. It’s lucidity and ever-looping dreams, an abacus to circle all the world. It’s a motto, a theme, a tattoo on the inside of your eyelids. It’s a novice drummer’s debut on the stage, counting out the rhythms under breaths that couldn’t possibly come quicker, it’s the mojo magic circularious life: 91, 92, 94, 91, 92, 94, 91, 92, 94 …

(for more about our new Monte Bello Library Tasting, please click here)

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  1. The uilleann pipes are the characteristic national bagpipe of Ireland, as opposed to the Scottish bagpipes.

    Which is like saying Monte Bello is a bit like Bordeaux.
    Ummm, maybe not.
    I eschew Bordeaux in favour of more reliable wines, like Ridge.
    All the quality, none of the hype – or price.

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