Wine Bloggers Tasting, Edition III: The Lytton Chronicles

For those of you who’ve been following our blog, you may know that we have launched a new event this year, our quarterly Wine Bloggers Tasting.

(For more about this, and run-downs on the previous two editions, please click here)

The previous two editions have been held here at Monte Bello, and I have been delighted by how enjoyable they’ve been. Great wine, great company, furious insight, much laughter and storytelling, a bit of fun, and honestly, quite a bit of work as well. In short, wine tasting!

And now, for this, our third edition, we’re taking the show on the road! Accordingly, I will be at Lytton Springs on Sunday, September 26th, to host a wonderful roster of wine bloggers for another tasting, and I am happy to say that not only we will be joined by some of our illustrious previous attendees who hail from our rather more southern digs, we will also be welcoming some of the finest wine bloggers the northern climes have to offer as well!

I am still tweaking the final roster of wines that I’ll be pouring, but suffice it to say it’ll be heavily Lytton-themed! (And would I go on the road without some Monte Bello in tow? Oh, hecks no!)

One thing in particular I’d like to note; in addition to welcoming our guest Wine Bloggers, we also welcome anyone and everyone out there in the oeno-ether to join in (and/or follow) the action; we’ll be tweeting from the event using #ridgewines, so pull some Lytton Springs out of your cellar, and be ready to taste at 1pm Pacific Standard Time this Sunday! This group of bloggers is quite renowned for their collectively prolific on-line activity, and not only should this event be a good time for all, I think it’ll be a great chance to share some great wine insights from some great wine personalities with a great audience.

So, all that said, at this time, I would like to introduce our guests:

Amy Cleary
Dave Tong
Deborah Kravitz
Ed Thralls
Gary Chevsky
Liren Baker
Marcy Gordon
Richard Jennings
Ron Washam
Samantha Dugan
Steven Washuta
Thea Dwelle
Wes Barton
William Allen

Ridge Vineyards Wine Bloggers Tasting
Lytton Springs
Sunday, September 26, 2010
1pm, PST

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  1. This was another great event. Thanks for inviting us!

    My notes are up at

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