We Three Wines Of Origin Are …


We three wines of origin are
 Bearing gifts from vineyards afar
 We flow like a fountain, down from the mountain
Into your glass at the bar!



Seriously though, I just tried a really, really delicious trio of Monte Bellos; the new 2007, the 1991, and the 1984. And while the 2007 just keeps getting more exciting all the time (upon first arrival, I think we all felt that it was shaping up to perhaps have a “smaller” character; a wine more intimate, more subtle, perhaps even more elegantly restrained and supple, but it seems on a nearly day-by-day basis to be extending its reach), and while my love affair with the 1991 continues unabated, I have to say, this bottle of 1984 is perhaps the best bottle of the ’84 I’ve ever tried, and accordingly, this gets Best In Show today; just unbelievably exquisite! Lovely integrated structure, supremely lustrous and floral fruit character, vivid and mouth-wateringly pleasant acidity, and an utterly harmonious flavor coda on the finish. 1984 Monte Bello, I salute you!

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  1. Lovely poetry, so im was inspired …….. (and to the same tune)

    I am Zinfandel, I can’t complain
    Found my fame on Sonoma’s great plain
    Deep yet mellow admirers all bellow
    Complexity is my game.

    Chardonnay, I proclaim from afar
    ABC? I hear you say. ARRGH!
    Unoaked and delicate, smoky and predicate
    I am a world wide star

    Petit Sirah, an overlooked treat
    Offering flavour thats hard to beat
    Choclatey, tarry, wild berry, very
    Robust, and very long seat.

    Cabernet Franc, yes that is my name
    Supporter to Sauvignon is my game
    But uniquely, not obliquely
    Bradford Mountain is my hame

    Cabernet Sauvignon, of world renown
    Standing alone causes tasters to frown
    Better in blending, others befriending
    Meritage holds the crown

    Merlot me, a feminine grape
    Vinted alone, all others just gape
    Petrus personified, and never vilified
    Blending me is no jape.

    (Well, I tried to get rhymes!)

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