One of THOSE days at Monte Bello!

Somtimes the dice are with you, sometimes they’re not.

Some days you get people trying to smoke cigarettes on the property (a big no no!), or trying to drink beer (another big no no!). Or someone brings a dog (unfortunately, not allowed), or parks a limo in one of the disabled parking spaces (another no no).

Some days, someone comes in, and apologizes for having just clogged one of the toilets.

Sometimes, you go to open an umbrella on the deck, and a swarm of bats flies out and scares you out of your wits. Or you go for an early morning walk through the vines, and you hear the ol’ familiar rattle (do note, the Beware Of Rattlesnake signs are real! No grass angels in the gardens!).

Some days, you forget and wear a light colored shirt to work, and you open a wine with a little too much gusto, and, well, there goes your shirt. And then you spend the rest of the day walking around looking like an extra from a mob movie; Whacked Guy #2.

But other days, people bring wine in, and they share it with you.

It’s just not everyday that you get to try a 1997 Jimsomare Cabernet AND a 1982 Devil’s Hill Petite Sirah all on the same day:

97 Jimsomare Cab in the bottle ...

...97 Jimsomare Cab in the glass!

The Devil's Hill ...

... and The Devil's Cork!

Special thanks to Bing Tsai and Craig Gleason for sharing their wines!

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