Light On Lytton: Harvest 2010!

I am very happy to report that, as of last week, Harvest 2010 has begun!

I’ve got updates from activity here at Monte Bello still to come, but for this week’s edition of our Light on Lytton series we’ll have a look at the beginning of Harvest 2010 up at Lytton Springs!

And this is how it all began:

With this transfer of fruit from gondola to augur, harvest began, and not at all too soon! Here are some brief observations from Vice-President of Vineyard Operations David Gates, on what has proved to be an unprecedentedly singular and oft-challenging growing season:

2010 has been wet and cool overall, with most of our vineyards approximately 3 weeks behind ‘normal.’  This year’s zinfandel harvest from our Lytton Springs and Geyserville vineyards has already begun, and yields are significantly less than normal.  Paso Robles zinfandel is also being harvested, with average quantity and very good quality.  Our Monte Bello chardonnay and cabernet sauvignon grapes still have a ways to go before we begin picking, and so far everything looks good.

Things are continuing to roll along up at Lytton Springs; with Zinfandel from the Lytton West parcel coming in just this very morning:

David Gates, John Olney, and the LS team inspecting the new arrivals


Harvest 2010 Zinfandel!


Stay tuned for more!

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  1. Cool pics of the grapes, CW, keep them coming.


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