ESPN, The Oakland As, True Love, & Monte Bello

From one of our great friends at the Astoria Wine Group comes proof yet again that, fundamentally, Monte Bello causes true love.

Monte Bello; it’s the Viticultural Make-A-Wish Foundation, the Genie in the Bottle, The Magic Lamp; not so much Kevin Costner’s Field of Dreams (Build it and they will come!), but Paul Draper’s Vineyard of Dreams (Make it, and they will drink it!) It’s like that.

Anyhow, the story goes like this; our friend was watching ESPN2, and caught a show called First Take. They were running a story on an Oakland A’s Bat-Boy, who got to go on a date with a girl he saw up in the stands. They went to the very fine La Fondue, just down the road from us in Los Gatos. When the program cut to images of what they’d shared for their romantic dinner date, guess what the wine was???

Monte Bello!!!

The moral of this story, is that you haven’t found your true love yet in this life, you need to be drinking more Monte Bello. And if you are fortunate enough to have found that very special someone? Drink Monte Bello with them, every night! Or they’ll leave you for the first newcomer through the door … Ok, I was kidding about that last part. But the truth of the matter is, Einstein’s wasn’t the greatest formula after all. It’s not this:


It’s this:

Monte Bello = Love.

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