Light On Lytton!

For this week’s issue of our Light on Lytton series, we’re quite literally going to show you … the Light at Lytton!

The following is a picture that was taken by Jamie Bakas, who happens to be married to Rick Bakas, who happens to be the social media heavyweight at St. Supery; both were at Lytton Springs Saturday night for our TasteLive/TweetUp,  and she snapped it in between sips of our new Fall Release zinfandels. If you follow her tweets (and you should! @jaimiebakas), you’ll see that while she seemed to love the new 2008 Pagani Ranch best, she was in her “happy place” when she tasted the 2007 Monte Bello, a little unannounced treat that Sandy pulled out!

If you’d like to see what others had to say about the tasting, just use your favorite Twitter ap — I prefer TweetDeck — and search #ridgewines, and you’ll see a great stream of thoughts and observations by Rick and Jamie, Meg Houston Maker (, Lenn Thompson (, Carrie Becker (, Amy Cleary (, and more!

Anyhow, now for a little Light on Lytton:

(c) jamie bakas

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