Nero Wolfe, Lytton Springs, and the search for the Perfect Omelet

When it comes both to cooking, and guilty-pleasure in-bed reading, I have to confess to being an absolute mendicant at the altar of Rex Stout and his immortal creation Nero Wolfe.

A recent reissue of the entire catalog of Nero Wolfe mysteries offers a particularly delightful set of additions for the Stout-o-philes amongst us; each book closes with some tidbit of memorabilia from the Wolfe files, running the gamut from personal letters to Italian-issue book covers from World War II.

So, I was recently re-reading Where There’s A Will (the photo below is a copy of the original 1941 cover!)

and in the back of this particular edition, in addition to the cover shot above, is a typewritten recipe for how to make a proper omelet. It’s Rex Stout’s recipe of course, but essentially, this means it is also Wolfe’s. I learned how to make an omelet properly the first time I read this, and I have never wavered from the fundamentals since. With an opening line like “It is better to make two small omelets than a large one …” how could one go wrong!

Anyhow, in a previous post I shared some tasting notes on the very excellent 2002 Lytton Springs, and with 2/3 of a bottle still available, I took it home to share with the missus. I had already eaten, so was content with just wine, but we needed a pairing for her (this is how cooking usually works in my house; we decide what to eat based on what wine is available!). We collaborated conceptually, and then I went to work; a pesto omelet on a bed of pan-fried spinach with garlic the result. To properly make the omelet, I as always consulted Nero Wolfe.

Delicious! And the omelet was pretty good too! Maybe not Nero Wolfe good, but good nonetheless!

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