The Wild & Wacky World of Search Engine Terms, Part II

I’ve written about this before (here), and I’ll confess, it’s a lil’ topic I just can’t get enough of; search engine terms!

Our blog here tracks any number of things — # of views, for example — but my absolute favorite is the record of search engine terms people have used that (whether intentionally or not!) led them to our blog.

Some of them are quite obvious: “Paul Draper”, or “red wine food pairings”, or “Robert Parker Monte Bello”, things of that nature. And sometimes it’s a little more obtuse, but still reasonably logical. For example, almost everyday someone lands on our blog because they’ve entered “Georgia O’ Keefe” into a search engine. I included an image of one of her paintings in a post once, and for whatever reason, it’s become a popular location. (In the list below, ol’ Georgia makes a rather more unusual appearance …)

The best ones are of course the strangest, and I must say, there are some strange ones here!

I suppose it’s a compliment of sorts; a testament to the variety of content here, but anyhow, here is a new list of some of what I found to be the more entertaining search engine terms that brought you, our readers, here (make sure to read all the way down, I saved the best for last!):

men dressed as women

muppet band members

pirate clip art

route 66 bar

naked in big sur

georgia o’keefe herb salt

burger, goop

japanese wine quotes

p-b-shelley prose

colorless wind

twas the night before the wedding

naked women playing saxophone

kid n play

when was jazz discovered

i have drunken deep of joy

submissive men

fogger for lizards

(— and my personal new favorite—)

sake in vino veritas japan drunk truth


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