Summer Wine Series: Themes Announced!

Thanks to everyone who submitted ideas for our Summer Wine Series event!

Special thanks to those whose ideas we ran with, and of course apologies to those who ideas we loved (we did indeed love ALL of them) but didn’t actually use …

And that said, here are the 2010 Summer Wine Series Themes!

August 7 ATP Round-Up! Join us in tasting four of our favorite limited-production, winery-only ATP offerings, including some that are close to selling out!

August 14 Chardonnay Showcase! Ridge Vineyards currently has an unprecedented four chardonnay offerings currently available, and this will be your chance to sample them all!

August 21 Zinfandel: The Art of the Blend! Try four zinfandels in a row, each with one more varietal in the construct; solo varietal, two varietals, three varietals, four!

August 28 Site-Specific/Multi-Format! Taste two different bottle formats of Santa Cruz Mountains Estate in the Santa Cruz Mountains, and two of Lytton Springs in Dry Creek Valley, and experience bottle maturation in action!

For specific details about this tasting series, please click here. Thanks again contributors, and we look forward to hosting everyone in August!

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  1. Sounds really fun. I’m hoping to come by Lytton Springs on the 21st, and this event certainly compels me to visit even more. See you then.

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