Deciphering Ridge (and other’s!) Labels …

Deciphering Ridge -or- Proof Of The Couth Of A Snooth Sleuth!

For those of you out there who have sometimes found yourselves both intrigued and sometimes baffled by the almost laughable wealth of information perennially contained on our back labels; the discerning and inquisitive amongst you who, despite your best efforts, sometimes still find the words distorting before you, often after one too many reads and two too many glasses …

…you should always feel free to either contact us with questions, or visit one of our tasting rooms to quiz the staff.

Should neither of these options be currently available to you (it’s 3am, your insomnia is misbehaving again, and your mind cannot yet comfortably wrap itself around egg fining; or you’re in prison, and you’ve already exhausted your phone privileges, and your cell mate has dodgy iPhone reception; or you’re too shy to publically admit you don’t fully understand how carbonic maceration works; or you’re in your cubicle, alcohol sites are prohibited, but you have to know why we air-dry our barrels, and your blackberry just fell down the toilet; or you’re currently holding a protest in a tree high above the University of Santa Cruz, and the wind does not cry Cabernet, nor does your cellphone carrier), then take heart, there are others out there who are performing the translative endeavour for you!

Run to them, fly to them, write them, text them, land a helicopter on their lawn, but somehow, some way, get to Snooth! It’s Wine 101 time, and Professor Snooth is at the blackboard. Here’s what I’m talkin’ about …

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  1. Oh dear,
    I am 6000 miles away, in the old country.I shall just ahve t o hvae yet another galss and then all willll be wunnerful. Night night.

    (pismonunciation and spilchocking a speciality)

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