05 & 07 Lytton Springs Zin: Siblings!

Had a luncheon for some guests up here on the mountain quite recently, and for the most part, the roster of wines had been agreed upon ahead of time by a number of invested parties; yours truly included. One decision remained day-of however; which Lytton Springs to pour?

05 & 07 Lytton Springs

On deck were two wonderful vintages, 2005 & 2007. Siblings of a sort (or perhaps two only-children from the same family?), but each with singularities all to themselves

Anyhow, I’ve been tasting the 07 quite a bit of late; it’s the current vintage, and accordingly on offer to our weekend tasting menus, and in addition, it’s also finally starting to come into bloom a bit; to emerge from its shell, as it were. As to the 2005, I’ve tasted it quite often out of 375ml, and it’s been a joyous event every time. But out of 750ml?

I started with the 07. I looked, I listened, I smelled, I thought, I looked again …

Down The Hatch! So to speak ...

And I tasted. And then I was happy. The zin fruit was starting to blossom, the intensity of the carignane-derived acidity was softening, the intense adhesion of the petitie sirah tannins was rounding out … I still felt it to be a contender …

Then came the 2005. Even at point-of-decanting, the change was evident. The fruit was there!


Lush, supple, muscular yet balletic in its grace, this wine was singing. Bless the 2007, I love the vintage, and it’s on its glorious way, but the 2005 won the duel on this day.

Lunch was soon to be served …

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  1. Having to choose between these 2 is what you call a good problem to have. 2005 was the first LS I tasted and quickly became one of my favorites. I have 1 btl of 05 and 2 btls of 07 in the cellar. have only had the 07 in a reataurant and was impressed with how quickly it has rounded into shape. I’m sure it will my favorite LS as soon as I drink that last 2005 🙂

    • Yeah, I suppose there’s perks to this gig after all! Thanks so much for posting your comments, and let me know what you think of the 07 when you get to it!

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